We offer farm management , consultancy, food processing, and food exports.

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Lagos, Nigeria


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Farming can be hard for beginners, our mission is to ensure farming becomes and remains a lucrative investment source for everyone that gets into agriculture.

Hence, we now help old-time farmers and new farmers acquire farm land for any of their needs.

Our agricultural lands are fertile, accessible with a good road network, and free from all encumbrances. Our farm land acquisition service will save you from the stress of soil viability, unnecessary costs, etc.

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OKFARM LIMITED is best known for farm management. We specialize on general farm maintenance. Our team is made up of experts in management such as, planting, spraying, cultivating and harvesting and processing procedures.


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OKFARM LIMITED deals with planting and cultivation of palm kernel which is later process into what is known as Palm Oil, the Palm Oil fresh fruit bunches is use in the processing states, the oil is extracted from the kernel. The pulp left over from this process is pressed together, forming palm kernel cake or expeller. These processes extract three major palm products: crude palm oil, crude palm kernel oil and palm kernel expeller. All are processed through the local machines.


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OKFARM LIMITED, offers Organic Farm Management throughout the South/west for prospective Clients interested in owning a farm. OKFARM LIMITED uses a production system involving three-year crop rotations, cover crops, legumes, no-till farming, tomatoes, vegetables, cocoa, kola nuts, palm kernel and Plantain to help land owners convert their ground into certified organic production.


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As a crop export company based in Nigeria, we provide comprehensive crop exporting services with our wealth of business experience in the crop export industry. Whether you are a distributor, retailer, restaurant or hotel we will work to meet your individual needs, from product sourcing, procurement, loading, proper documentation and port delivery. We are pleased to offer sea and air freight shipment options to meet your service and product costing requirements.
Our experience in working with customers and manufacturers to obtain a market specific product or private label is a value-added service that sets us apart from our competition.

Integrity and Reliability
OKFARM LIMITED is a leader in the export of quality fresh fruits and vegetables to a growing world population. Retailers, importers, wholesalers and distributors appreciate our reliable export services. OKFARM Export works closely with growers and packers to maximize returns and opportunities.

Quality Fresh & Organic Produce Selection
OKFARM’s full-time field staff cover the primary export crops in Lagos, Nigeria. Our professional sales and field staff team work together to find the finest conventional and organic produce selections that meet our customer’s specific requirements for quality, condition and price.

Global Sourcing
OKFARM LIMITED represents some of the finest growers in the Nigeria, Ghana, Benin Republic, and Congo. We have our own representative offices with dedicated staff that manages selection of produce and logistics. OKFARM has Global relationships around the world with suppliers dedicated to meeting our customers’ requirements. Our database of knowledge and contacts allows us to maintain consistent supply for our customers all year round.

Air/Sea Shipments
OKFARM LIMITED is unique in having its own dedicated staff and facilities to inspect and load mixed shipment of produce. Our Lagos Office-Warehouse specializes in handling mixed loads of produce for airfreight and sea freight shipments; here we can carefully consolidate any size order for any market. Produce is carefully selected, inspected and loaded by our own staff to help ensure quality and execution of orders.

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