We offer farm management , consultancy, food processing, and food exports.

10 Borrowfield Street, Lekki

Lagos, Nigeria


Mon - Sat 9.00 - 17.00




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OKFARM is a leading diversified producer of organic crops. Thanks to large-scale, expert cultivation in the most suitable climatic zones, the highest quality standards are ensured at all times.

The very foundation of our commitment to consistent quality and food safety in both product and process. OKFARM operates direct contract farming methods to secure crops. Customer orders are converted into crop sowing plans, allowing for resource control in agriculture leading to end products with perfect quality and food safety and environmental protection.

All our crops are GMO free and the farmers we work with are supported in growing crops through the technical guidance by qualified field personnel involving farmer training programmes. Communication on appropriate crop rotation practices and field sanitation is provided and field visits are monitored. The financing of crop growing by OKFARM through input supplies enables small and marginal farmers to take up crop growing. In order to nurture the relationship with farmers, field and factory trips are held to educate them about Good Agriculture Practices and recognize the best farmers.



Our vision 
 “To be a leader in the agricultural industry in Nigeria and Africa”
To reduce poverty by implementing and connecting subsistence farmers with competitive, safe and sustainable agricultural methods.

Our Core Values
We work every day to uphold our core values. Integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation are more than ideals we work toward. They are values we live and breathe – values found in every product, service, and opportunity we offer.

Our Strategy for Success
For those who cultivate and harvest the land. For those who transform and enrich the land. For those who build upon the land. OKFARM is committed to your success. Because of our passion, and our purpose for helping you become more profitable and productive, OKFARM is uniquely positioned to be the farming company of choice.

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